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28 November 2008 ~ 5 Comments

Black Friday or Bleak Friday?

Well sports fans, here we go.  Black Friday.  Soon, Cyber Monday.  (Forgive me for the brief digression, but did you know neither Black Friday nor Cyber Monday typically deliver results, in the form of conversions, er, sales, mainly just delivering traffic :(  Unsurprisingly, retail numbers thus far have been bleak, to say the least. Retailers […]

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18 December 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Preparing for Panama: another case for Persuasion Architecture

A new Ad-Age article offer strategies for winning at Panama, namely: Instead, marketers’ focus will shift from managing their bids to managing the entire conversation with their customers. By improving attributes such as the relevance of keywords, ad copy and landing pages, advertisers provide a better user experience while having an positive influence on their […]

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13 November 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Roy on Customer Experience…

From today’s Monday Morning Memo: Your website architecture dictates your customer’s experience. Architecture has nothing to do with graphics. Did your website have an architect? Or was it designed by the programmer? By the graphic artist? By you? A programmer asks, "Does it function?" A graphic designer asks, "Does it ‘feel right’ and represent us […]

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13 June 2006 ~ 4 Comments

Stray cats barking throughout the office!

Well forgive the shameless plug, but we’re finally 100% publicly shipping our latest book Waiting for Your Cat to Bark: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing.  Amazon, BN and Sam’s Club jumped the gun a bit, but we forgive their exhuberance.  After all, there’s probably no better time to start shipping than when a book […]

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26 June 2005 ~ 3 Comments

Are you a Customer Delighting SUPERstar?

While taking a stroll with TheWoman this weekend, we decide to amble into The Gap.  After finding some shorts she desperately had to have, we were disappointed to learn they didn’t have the colors she had chosen, in her correct size.  The sales associate checked the stockroom, and then the inventory of the surrounding stores, […]

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