11 January 2007 ~ 1 Comment

AdAge on Viral Campaigns…

Scott Donaton’s latest article over at AdAge touches on something I wrote a while back, after the Agency.com fiasco.  He astutely writes (emphasis is added): As with ads in any medium, those that work are those that start with an insight, show an understanding of their target audience, and have an authentic, relevant connection to […]

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09 August 2006 ~ 3 Comments

3 simple steps to create a viral campaign…

Get yourself a YouTube, Digg, Flikr, del.icio.us, furl.net, or __________ (insert your favorite online popularity tool here) account. Get out your handicam, pen, digital camera, blogging software, word processor, or __________ (insert your favorite communication tool here) Find something to say that’s relevant, salient, and transparent to such a mass audience, it overcomes each visitor, […]

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22 June 2006 ~ 7 Comments

Do no evil, Google?

It’s not every day a client sends a FW: my way which causes me to literally laugh out loud (and clog other’s inbox as well), but today’s the day.  Apparently, our constant ranting about technology rarely being the solution to a Marketer’s problem is seeping into to those who listen to us most often (and […]

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13 June 2006 ~ 4 Comments

Stray cats barking throughout the office!

Well forgive the shameless plug, but we’re finally 100% publicly shipping our latest book Waiting for Your Cat to Bark: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing.  Amazon, BN and Sam’s Club jumped the gun a bit, but we forgive their exhuberance.  After all, there’s probably no better time to start shipping than when a book […]

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12 May 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Your agency sucks!

“Push your agency out of the way,” insisted John Nardone, chief client officer at MMA, in the day’s most controversial statement. “They’re your single biggest barrier to measurement.” And I thought we were harsh in our Ad:tech 1mpact presentations! Talk about impactful quotes. How about this one as well: “I don’t need to hear from […]

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24 April 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Sex in the city?

I awoke at 7:15 this morning, exhausted from yet another weekend juggling family & friends in town, squeezing out the last 15 hours of the work week that couldn’t be fit into 5 workdays, and barely sitting down long enough to catch the Sopranos.  The first thing greeting me in my inbox was the same […]

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08 March 2006 ~ 4 Comments

If you fail to plan success in advance, how do you know when you’ve arrived?

Chief Marketer has an eye-opening for some, sad for others, (but hardly surprising from this corner) article on many CMOs utter lack of ability to measure what they must- marketing ROI, specifically that of the online variety.  We’re getting tired of speaking over the dull roar of today’s online successes, regaling tales of traffic cost […]

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08 December 2005 ~ 1 Comment

More Corporate Underpants

Long time readers of this space will recall our friend Tamara Adlin, contributing to both GrokDotCom and Call to Action her stance that an organization should never be caught with their corporate underpants showing.  I couldn’t help but think of her while I started my morning, and my afternoon too, at FedexKinkos.  FedexKinkos has a […]

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25 October 2005 ~ 1 Comment

More SPAM please!

I must admit, this SHOCKS me.  With all the ongoing commentary regarding the fragmentation of media, and the need to create a whole new experience where the customer’s content is king (or atleast queen), I thought we were all on board for the new paradigm.  I thought the shift from push (direct) marketing to pull […]

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31 August 2005 ~ 3 Comments

Could you overcome “new coke”?

Honestly, I doubt it.  Let’s face it, Coca-Cola did what most of us could only dream about- unleash a monster NEGATIVE word of mouth campaign, and live to tell about it.  Ironically, they even did one better- they profited so much from their failed campaign, the Chicago Tribune actually credited them with planning the entire […]

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