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28 January 2009 ~ 10 Comments

On CMOs, Customer Service, and Birthing Elephants

If you’ve been to one of our trainings over the past few years, or seen any of us present at a conference, you’ve probably heard the line about the average tenure of a Chief Marketing Officer being less than the gestation period of an elephant.  Well, it’s time for some new material.  New research from […]

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22 January 2009 ~ 14 Comments

When the little things matter most

Transparency. Speed. “We” are smarter than “Me”. Interconnectivity. These are just a few of the staples of the digital world in which we now live, and each present opportunities for success, or potholes that must be navigated around as business owners & brands interact with their audience, prospects and customers. Consider three brand interactions I […]

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05 January 2009 ~ 17 Comments

Calling All Sports Fans – gets redesign

In the first major redesign of the new year, unveils it’s latest redesign today, after two weeks in “private” Beta for it’s Insider subscribers.  Despite the two week focus group, today’s redesign doesn’t appear noticeably different from the version that launched privately 12/15.  Their stated goals were: 1) less clutter, ostensibly to drive higher […]

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