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14 Tweetable Takeaways from “Running Lean”

Ash Maurya’s Running Lean is quickly becoming one of my goto references when talking to early-stage (Pre product/market fit) founders & entrepreneurs.

Why, you ask? Simple. It has the 3 C’s:

  • it’s concrete, real meat on the bones actionable stuff, not fluff nor big pie in the sky theory
  • it’s comprehensive, less of an introductory work and more of an end-to-end case study
  • yet somehow, it’s also concise, and packs a punch in less than 200 pgs.

Don’t believe me? Here’s 14 tweetable takeaways to prove it!

Ash’s Actionable Advice (in 140 characters or less!)

1) There IS an “I” in Vision. [tweet]

2) Reasonably smart people can rationalize anything, but entrepreneurs are especially gifted at this. [tweet]

3) Your product is NOT “the product”. Your business model is the product! [tweet]

4) A customer is someone who pays for your product. A user does not. [tweet]

5) Bind a solution to your problem as LATE as possible. [tweet]

6) An MVP is NOT synonymous with a half-baked or buggy product. [tweet]

7) If you intend to charge for your product, charge from day one. [tweet]

8) Incorrect prioritization of risk is one of the top contributors of waste. [tweet]

9) The biggest risk for most startups is building something nobody wants. [tweet]

10) Your Goal: big enough market you can reach, with customers who need your product, that you can build a biz around. [tweet]

11) Never outsource learning about customers. [tweet]

12) Maximize learning (about what’s riskiest) per unit time. Your biz model is NOT a dartboard. [tweet]

13) Surveys assume you know the right questions to ask. [tweet]

14) Customer interviews are about exploring what you don’t know you don’t know. [tweet]

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