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30 June 2006 ~ 0 Comments

My brother works in computers!

Don’t you just love what the penetration of broadband and the web has done to us?  When Jeffrey and Bryan started Future Now in the late 90’s, one very real challenge they faced was the "my [insert distant relative here] is in computers" syndrome (note: the third-cousin-twice-removed wasn’t in marketing though 😉  Now that Bryan […]

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28 June 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Hillary joins the blogosphere!

Well, not quite.  Rather, she’s hired someone to do it for her.  Not exactly the kind of transparency we’re shooting for. File under: When will they ever learn.

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27 June 2006 ~ 1 Comment

What’s fresh on my iPod…

Joe Jaffe’s utterly fabulous, Across the Sound podcast– definitely check it out, it’s a must listen to each week.  Truth be told, I only got through half the show today, on my race from Penn Station to have a conference call with a new partner doing some fascinating "usability" testing (I use the quoted term […]

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22 June 2006 ~ 7 Comments

Do no evil, Google?

It’s not every day a client sends a FW: my way which causes me to literally laugh out loud (and clog other’s inbox as well), but today’s the day.  Apparently, our constant ranting about technology rarely being the solution to a Marketer’s problem is seeping into to those who listen to us most often (and […]

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22 June 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Marketing Sherpa Reader’s Choice

Our friends at Marketing Sherpa have their annual Reader’s Choice Blog & Podcast awards currently ongoing.  We’re thrilled (and humbled – have you seen some of the names in our category?) to be nominated, but more than that, we’re prouder than ever that some of our partners efforts are being recognized for the absolute gems […]

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19 June 2006 ~ 1 Comment

I love being on top of Ann Coulter…

Something tells me, her appearances on both Leno and Letterman will put her back over the top when it’s all said and done though. Just the same, we’re mighty proud to be sitting at #2 overall spot at Amazon tonight. Care to help us get to number 1?  We’d be beyond appreciative.  If you’d prefer […]

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13 June 2006 ~ 4 Comments

Stray cats barking throughout the office!

Well forgive the shameless plug, but we’re finally 100% publicly shipping our latest book Waiting for Your Cat to Bark: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing.  Amazon, BN and Sam’s Club jumped the gun a bit, but we forgive their exhuberance.  After all, there’s probably no better time to start shipping than when a book […]

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12 June 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Sean Carton gets it…

From ClickZ today: But I’m not going to write about online video today. The real story is much bigger. The real story about the rise of online video isn’t about the fact consumers seem to really like to watch short low-res video clips on their computers. Nope. The real story is that consumers are starting […]

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01 June 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Maybe it wasn’t Al Gore…

perhaps it was Elmer’s who invented the internet.  The web as glue is in full swing.  Observe, just this week alone: For the second consecutive night, on a two separate networks, a tv show I was watching ended with a URL, and some additional, only-available-online, content.  We’re not talking rehashed, repurposed, repeated highlights either- we’re […]

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