19 July 2007 ~ 4 Comments

“If Clicks Were Votes” — President Giuliani?

Reading Techmeme on Tuesday, I came across the Compete blog, and these fabulous images related to the upcoming presidential election: If you’re interested in their analysis, read the full post; it’s excellent stuff. It’s also a great example of the speed with which we move these days. Michele’s earlier post about Twittering with John Edwards […]

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02 July 2007 ~ 30 Comments

2 Ways to Get Started With Personas (Part 2)

Regular readers of GrokDotCom, or any of our best-selling books, heartily agree: people do things according to their own motivations. And in this unprecedented day of empowered consumers, “selling” to customers is 100% about facilitating their buying process. Any attempts to pitch (or push) products in ways that aren’t transparent, genuine, relevant or salient will […]

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11 January 2007 ~ 1 Comment

AdAge on Viral Campaigns…

Scott Donaton’s latest article over at AdAge touches on something I wrote a while back, after the Agency.com fiasco.  He astutely writes (emphasis is added): As with ads in any medium, those that work are those that start with an insight, show an understanding of their target audience, and have an authentic, relevant connection to […]

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31 July 2006 ~ 5 Comments

Godin asks “Are You Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?”

“How do you use search to introduce the right buyers to the right sellers when it’s not a frequent transaction of a commodity?” The responsibility is the sellers! . We invented Persuasion Architecture to present the answers the buyer seeks. Chapters 19-21 of “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark” tell you how… Planning Persuasion Scenarios […]

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19 April 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Conversion or Persuasion- where in the funnel is your problem?

Today was a busy day in the office, and one in which meetings were back to back, to back.  I started talking with my CFO, took a detour to meet with a potential partner, and ended the day spending time with some new (and potential) clients.  Very different audiences, yet one common discussion kept popping […]

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08 March 2006 ~ 4 Comments

If you fail to plan success in advance, how do you know when you’ve arrived?

Chief Marketer has an eye-opening for some, sad for others, (but hardly surprising from this corner) article on many CMOs utter lack of ability to measure what they must- marketing ROI, specifically that of the online variety.  We’re getting tired of speaking over the dull roar of today’s online successes, regaling tales of traffic cost […]

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