23 July 2007 ~ 6 Comments

Better “Usability” Isn’t Always the Answer

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Usability professionals. The theme of my talk was getting them to raise the bar within their industry; to become true advocates for consumers like they should be. Yes, consumers, not “users”. B2B, b2C, self-service, e-commerce, video, web2.0, no matter the focus […]

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01 March 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Godin on Surprising Broca

Seth had a short but impactful post on his blog earlier this week, about cutting through the clutter of every day life. He wrote: “But if you want the word to spread, if you expect me to take action I’ve never taken before, it seems to me that you need to do something that hasn’t […]

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