22 June 2005 ~ 0 Comments

How can you design Personae if you don’t understand them?

Personadesigngroup_1Don’t get us wrong, we love when people catch on to the need for designing to your visitors (and do it right), but sometimes we can’t help but chuckle at other executions.

Personas allow you to answer your visitors’ questions through language and structures that help them make their decisions. So, if you were looking for a persona-design firm, what might your motivations be? Your fears? What issues might you want resolved? How would you like to begin understanding what this company could do for you? What words might you desperately want to read as evidence this company understands your needs?

You’d hope a persona-design firm would anticipate this stuff – presumably live and breathe it – and craft persona-based relevant messaging. You’d hope to see this messaging immediately, say, directly on their home page?

I guess that’s too much work for some "persona-design firms". Why not just put up an abstract logo with a link to a contact address. Yup, that’s much easier… have to wonder how many people are being persuaded though, huh?


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