15 August 2007 ~ 4 Comments

Boost Your Ads: A 3-Step Challenge (Not for the Meek)

1) Become “intelligent”. Measure the current number of people you persuade to take the action you derive revenue from, not merely those you attract. Do you convert 10% or better?

2) Hold yourself accountable. Stop whining about the rising costs of media, the ineffectiveness of channels, and pining for more results; it won’t get you what you seek. If you convert 5%, what happens to the other 95%?

3) Do something about it. Get up off your @ss and stop interrupting your audience with boring, average, sensational crap they didn’t ask for. They want what they want. They’re out there actively searching for, and truly craving, an experience that’s relevant, engaging and anticipates their concerns. Why can’t they get that from you?

If it were easy, more people would be doing it… like your competition.

Carpe diem. There’s an opportunity while it’s still yours to seize.

Take Roy’s advice and rethink what you leave out of your messaging.

Take Jeffrey’s advice and rewrite your calls to action.

Take Bryan’s advice and rethink what you test and how you test it.

Take my advice and reconsider your audience and their angle of approach.

Take Jeff’s advice and rewrite your online copy.

Take Holly’s advice and rethink how you approach female customers.

Those are six actionable pieces of advice among the many powerful voices here. Combine them with the powerful voices in your organization, KAPOW, dynamite.

Here’s the challenge: I’d love to hear what works (and what didn’t) in the comments below. But what I’d love even more are people posting on their own blogs, offering the approach they took to putting one of these pieces of advice into action. Be sure to trackback ping to this post, so we can all share in the learning.

What’s in it for you? How’s a free copy of Waiting For Your Cat to Bark grab you, for starters? The bounty for the best effort: a seat to a Future Now training. Persuasive Online Copywriting is coming up, but this free seat would be good for any of our trainings in the next 12 months.

We’ll give you two weeks to chronicle your efforts before picking a winner.

Best of luck…

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